A little about me

Hello, my name is Tasneem Sultan and I never really know what to write in this section.

I’m an upcoming graduate from the York Sheridan Design Program. I really enjoy creating UI designs that are easy to navigate and understand. User research is something I greatly enjoy during the first stages of the design process as it allows me to really get to know the user behind the interaction. It also gives me a better understanding of how to go on about the design and what specific needs the user has. If its not UI I am focusing on I enjoy coming up with concepts for posters or motion videos and executing them from beginning to end.

In my spare time, I enjoy binge watching my favourite shows, spamming my friends Insta DM’s with memes (they appreciate it), and researching the latest skincare trends. Oh, and I’m also a huge foodie!

PS - If you’re wondering why Kermit its because he is a whole mood and a half and I resonate with him the most.

Please click here if you are interested in my resume!

Thank you!