In Type 2 I was given the challenge of choosing a news outlet and redesigning their app. I decided to choose Aljazeera as they were a news outlet that covered world issues and had multiple sections of their company dedicated to multiple parts of the world.

Aljazeera is known for the loud orange branding that screams “urgent” as soon as you see it. After I chose Aljazeera my professor gave me the task of rebranding for Western audiences. How would a news app look across different social circles and languages? What colours would best fit busy morning commuters as they read their daily dosage of news? These were things I had to take into consideration when designing. I decided to go for a deep, muted blue as it gave off a sombre feeling. Choosing a colour that gave off a more sombre feeling would help commuters feel less rushed during their morning routine. The blue would also provide less of a strain on their eyes and would provide for an easier read. I still wanted to keep Aljazeera’s signature orange so I used it as a highlight colour to accent key information.