AP Fibromyalgia

A look into the life of a sufferer from FM




A chronic pain condition in which the sufferers feel wide spread pain throughout their body or isolated pain in various parts of their body. This pain can range from a scale of low - high which is dependent on a variety of factors such as the weather, their health condition, and the amount of stress they are in to name a few. The most common description of the pain a patient can feel is “feeling like sandbags have replaced my limbs and set them on fire.”. 


For my thesis project I decided to focus on Fibromyalgia. As I also struggle with it I did not want to make it seem like this condition was a roadblock to patient’s lives. I wanted to show that those who suffer from FM can go on about their daily lives with a few adjustments. I decided to go way out of my comfort zone and create a Youtube channel that would be dedicated to showing what living with FM is like and giving insight into the condition through the eyes of a patient. 

I wanted to focus on creating a platform where sufferers and non-sufferers could learn about the chronic pain condition Fibromyalgia. I also wanted to present the information in a way where it seemed like you were talking to a friend so I created a Youtube persona.



Even though there has been a major advancement in the medical world when it comes to physical conditions, invisible, chronic pain conditions have taken a back seat in research. There has been a major lack of awareness and knowledge regarding Fibromyalgia. Furthermore, there has been next to no forums or online communities that boast a positive atmosphere for those who are suffering from the condition.

The Task

How might we create a conversation that educates sufferers and non-suffers about Fibromyalgia? 

To create a platform that provides a positive space and provides an outlook on the condition that shows sufferers that they can live their best damn life. 


Create an online video based forum where people can watch videos to get tips and tricks on how to deal with the everyday struggles of Fibromyalgia. It’s a place where both non-sufferers and sufferers can learn more about what the condition is like through a vloggers perspective. The information will be presented as if a friend is talking to you to provide a comfortable and non-intimidating atmosphere. 


Research, ideation, filming, editing, user testing, animating. 


Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Lightroom


Wacom intous


Thank you to Shamayal Hayat for filming this video with the direction I provided. Check her out on ig @heysmiyal


Visualization through illustrations

Animation was used to add a sense of visual depth.

Animated lines were used to highlight the pain points on a sufferer. The decision to have the pain visually represented as animated jittery lines came from the basis that pain felt by sufferers isn’t stationary.



The overall tone of the video was kept approachable and friendly. Bright colours were incorporated into the video to help aid in the tone. An approachable and friendly tone was desired for the overall video because it would make the topic of Fibromyalgia and chronic pain less intimidating and more inviting.


Text was kept short and concise to keep viewers attention and not bombard them with too much information. 


Final thoughts:

At the start of this project I felt overwhelmed and anxious. I wasn’t too sure what information to present or what type of information would be beneficiary to know for both sufferers and non-sufferers. When I decided to put myself in the shoes of each target audience I was able to get a feel for what type of information needed to be conveyed. I also got to further my knowledge in different software such as Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Encoder.

PS - If you’re someone suffering from Fibromyalgia just know that this condition does not kick your ass - you kick it's ass. Show ‘em whose boss! You got this! ♡♡