Creating a safe space for those who battle with mental health and providing in app therapy sessions.



Struggling with mental health is something many of us feel at least once in our lives while others struggle with mental health on a daily basis. Finding time to schedule a therapy session or just sitting down and talking to someone can be quite hard for some. Others may just have a hard time reaching out and verbalizing how they are feeling.

The Task

How might we create a solution that allows users to seek professional help on their own time while also providing them a platform to learn better coping mechanisms?


Haven is an app created to allow individuals to talk to trained professionals and receive therapy through in app sessions booked on their own time. The app also features in app distractions such as breathing exercises, calming music, soothing imagery, and calming reads. 


Research, ideation, prototyping, user testing 


Sketch, Marvel 

Research methods used

User testing, user personas, HMW


Main features

Haven provides in app therapy sessions that allow users are able to schedule therapy around their own schedules. It also provides a distractions feature which allows users to navigate through different prompts to help them calm down. These features are meant to aid users in their journey towards a better mental health.


In app therapy

Book in app therapy sessions with professionals on your own time. If an individual needs to talk to someone right away they are also able to do that. Answer a few short questions to allow us to get to know you better and help you better. Users can choose whether they want to talk to a male, female, or non-binary therapists. 



The distractions page offers a selection of distractions that allow individuals to calm down and ground themselves. This feature promotes self grounding techniques so users can also use these techniques out of app.


Help bubble

That coral circle at the top right corner is no design mistake. If at anytime a user feels they need to access immediate help they are able to through the help bubble feature. Press and hold to alert people in your “my five” list. Close individuals will be alerted you are in need of assistance and reach out. Tap twice to alert your local authorities to come to your assistance. 

*Haven is currently under revision but if you would like to see a working prototype to get the basis of the app you can do so here.


User Gain

Our in app approach to mental health may seem a little unconventional but the users progress towards better mental health is the main priority for Haven. While using the app individuals will be able to attend therapy sessions booked around their own schedules which will take the struggle out of booking appointments and adjusting other life matters around it. They will also learn various grounding techniques that will help them within their daily lives. 

Final thoughts

Haven was an app concept created from very personal experiences. Creating the concept and designing the app allowed me to delve into various problems and solutions individuals face while dealing with mental health. I was also able to learn new software, and different brainstorming techniques.