Inventory and sales tracking made easy for small business owners.



Small business owners are tasked with the responsibility of tracking inventory across the back-end of multiple eCommerce sites. Along with this they are also responsible to track their book keeping and sales. With the tracking and upkeep of sales and inventory it can often become a confusing, and frustrating task trying to keep track of every sales channel they use.

The Task

How might we create a platform that allows small business owners to keep track of their eCommerce needs? 


Hubbit was created to simplify the complex process of tracking sales, shipments, and inventory. Through the app users can easily save time by automatically syncing sales across multiple platforms, add and edit products on their inventory list, track the status of shipments, set up profiles for members of their team and allow access at their discretion. As well as review analytical data pertaining their sales, shops and shipments. 

Hubbit allows small business owners to track all their needs in one ‘hub’.


Research, ideation, prototyping, user testing 


Adobe XD, Photoshop, Indesign, inVision

Research methods used

User testing, user personas, HMW


This app was made within a team

Vincci Chan

Kianna Shavalier

Andrew Carenza



Hubbit has a few main features that aid in the back-end sales process to its users. Hubbit easily saves entrepreneurs time by automatically syncing sales across multiple platforms, allowing owners to add and edit products on their inventory list, track the status of shipments, set up profiles for members of your team and allow access at your discretion, review analytical data pertaining your sales, shops and shipments.


Team management

Managing a team has never been easier! Create profiles for team members and assign them roles. Set access parameters to control what information members get access to and what they don’t..


Track your analytics, sales, and track orders by syncing your online sales channels to Hubbit. Once a channel is added it is stored to the ShopHub which allows you to quickly view inventory and how much you have sold on the channel.


Get an overview of your profits and best selling items over a period of time. In the channels tab you can view your share of sales between the online shops and the profit (fee ratio of each shop). Track trends in shipping expenses and the destinations of your orders in the shipping tab.

User Gain

Hubbit creates a centralized hub for entrepreneurs to manage their business. Users will be able to keep track of all sales and inventory needs through one convenient app instead of having to jump between channels and different tracking layouts.




Final thoughts

I had my very first experience with building out an app in a team when creating Hubbit. I was able to learn how to collaborate with people who had different organizational patterns and schedules. I also learned new software skills such as Adobe XD and got my first taste at prototyping using XD and Invision.